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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 10, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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that the area in and around gilgo beach has been used to discard human remains for some period of time. >> reporter: for year-round residents who thought they were not vulnerable because their lifestyles don't match the profile of the initial victims, well tonight they're locking up extra tight. >> maybe it is somebody who could live in this area and that you really have to be a little bit more careful. >> reporter: this all began with a missing persons report filed last year for a young prostitute on craigslist. despite all the victims uncovered here, she has still not been found. lucy yarngs abc news, new york. >> nasa is going to try again next monday to launch the shuttle "endeavour." the first attempt in april had to be called off of course because of some machine yamproblems. as you may remember commander mark kelly and has crew returned to the kennedy space center thursday to get ready. kelly's wife, congresswoman gabrielle giffords is expected
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to attend that launch. the mayor of a northern minnesota town is on the mend this morning after a bizarre attack by a would-be robber. was bitten over the eye while trying to restrain a young suspect who tried to mug him and his wife. the juvenile biter and two others were then arrested. he says here's fine and brushed off this injury as a little bite mark. in los angeles, the city's third annual gun buyback program is being called a success. police have collected more than 2,000 weapons. the guns were turned in at six locations across l.a. no questions asked, in exchange people were given gift certificates from various stores. the collection of weapons included nearly 100 assault rifles and an uzy and get a rocket launcher as well. >> my goodness. take a listen to this story, federal regulators are now investigating a potentially dangerous defect in one the most popular vehicles sold in the country. it's a fuel tank problem in nearly 3 million ford f-150 pickup trucks.
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investigators say that steel straps that hold up the gas tank can rust, posing a fire risk. 1997 to 2001 model trucks could have this defect. although there is a federal investigation now ford has not issued a recall. president obama will meet with senate democrats this afternoon and with senate republicans on thursday. all ways to discuss how to cut the government's deficit. but last night new york, one republican demanded trillions in cuts, he wants them now. senior washington editor rick klein explains. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner is escalating the battle of spending before it gets under way in ernest. now there is two important points here. one, boehner says unequivocally no debt increase. president's idea of the so-called clean bill that just does the increase in the debt limit that is off the table. second, boehner says that any increase in the debt limit has to be matched by equal spending cuts. right now the administration is talking about $1.9 trillion additionally in the debt limits to get us through next year.
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consider that the government almost shut down just last month over just $38.5 million in cuts. that's how you get a sense of the scope of what we're talking about here. and the clock is very much ticking right now. we're just days away from reaching the current debt ceiling. the treasury limit can be creative in moving some funds around. they can buy i few months without financial collapse, but we're fast approaching a clash that will make previous confrontations over spending look like child's play. rick klein, abc news. and a young republican lawmaker is now sharing a lot more morethan his views with the american people. a shirtless congressman, whoa-hoo, aaron shack of illinois, he's featured on the cover of "men's health" magazine. are those real? the single, by the way, 29-year-old, shows off his washboard abs, as part of the challenge to get americans who lose weight and get healthier. told the "men's health" magazine that his daily workout gym. >> and peggy bunker would like
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to announce her candidacy. >> but then again do you watch a congressperson spending that much time in the gym to have abs like that. how much time is he spending in there? i'm okay with it. >> here's a look now at your weather. it's hot in the newsroom. >> oh, come on. >> stormy from fargo to the twin cities with hail, high winds and a chance of tornados, much of the same from cincinnati, down to columbia, south carolina. up to a foot of snow in the northern rockies. thunderstorms from oklahoma to texas. and showers in northern new england. >> please, after all of the kardashian and beyonce, i can't have a story. >> let's talk about that. >> 72 in new york, 75 in baltimore. 88 in new orleans. just shy of 80 in phoenix. 52 in salt lake city. 51 in billings. over 100 here in the studio. >> senator kardashian, i like that. i would vote. all right, a story now that proves that every penny counts. 9-year-old jada myers started a penny drive to help the victims of a tornado that struck marilwisconsin, near where she
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lives last month. >> she decorated plastic containers and placed in local businesses and at her school. and altogether jada collected $1,200 as well as 15 boxes of food and more than 18 boxes of clothes. >> that's a lot pennies. she delivered it all to the tornado survivors in that town. that is really -- all it takes. >> big difference. that's right. we'll be right back, everyone, with more of "world news now." ♪ so every year my family throws this great reunion in austin. but this year, i can only afford one trip and i've always wanted to learn how to surf. austin's great -- just not for surfing. so i checked out hotwire. and by booking with them, i saved enough to swing both trips. see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. that's how i got a 4-star hotel on the beach in san diego
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hard to dance to that music. i'm trying. >> it's nice, you look good. moving on now to jerry maguire. a message from saginaw, michigan. see if i can do this, show me the money! >> we're talking about the money of an early 20th century industrialist. >> the he sounds rich. >> he does. he died decades ago leaving behind tens of millions of bucks. >> but none of his descendants, none, have seen any of this windfall until now. rebecca of wjrt has more. >> reporter: in the 1800s, wellington r. burt earned his millions in bum ler and even iron, making him -- >> his second home was right here on this site. a three-story brick mansion. >> that once magnificent home is now a parking lot. only a few reminders of bert's life remain the city of saginaw including this road and of course his massoleum. most significant though is probably this handwritten will.
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>> i think that he was kind of a wise old man, kind of foxy and i think he knew what he was doing in the long june died in 1919, leaving very little of his own fortune to his own children seen here. >> it's one of the most interesting legal cases and certainly in michigan history. >> reporter: probate judge pat mczbrau responsible for carrying out bert's wishes which included holding onto his fortune until 21 years after his last living grandchild's death, she died in 1989. today, 12 people will share his roughly $100 million fortune. mcgraw shared this advice with them. >> you can resolve this, get your money, be done. or you can decide, someone will appeal and then you will not have your money like i say three to seven years maybe. >> reporter: agreed amongst themselves who would get how much. now that the estate is settled, only one issue left address high is don't think that we will know
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exactly what it was that ticked him off. >> this, this particular case he might not have liked his kids. you can see how he gave different moneys to relatives. >> isn't that interesting? >> left his cook more money nan some of his grandchildren here. >> how about this? sometimes you hear about people who don't leave any money to their family and then leave it all to their dog. a dog caretaker, something like that but people can really get upset over family rifts. >> the youngest recipient going to be 19-year-old christina cameron of lexington, kentucky, she will get a cool $2.6 million to $2.9 million bucks at 19 years old. >> he did give his kids itty-bitty tiny allowances when he was alive. how about that? >> i'm sure he had his reasons. >> i wonder what it is. one of the most successful computer developers in the world. >> he created the sims, and other games and now he's taking his next major step. details on that and more when we come right back.
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welcome back, everybody. well, millions of people like to escape real life every once in awhile to play in that virtual world and if you're one of them you no doubt heard of the sims games. >> yes, a huge market for this. get ready for the guy who created this virtual fenon nom. he's expanding into television now. our daniel sieberg teched it out. >> reporter: will wright, best known for creating the emercive world of the sims video games, decided to branch out in 2011 with something a little different. a tv show inspired by the video game world with bar karma which is produced with ideas and story lines submitted online from the viewers. >> well, the initial idea of it did come from the sims community. we were giving players the
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ability to take snapshot was the game in progress, write text and post it on the web. these little comic books and initially getting these comic books about superheroes. predictable stuff. but eventually getting these very long involved ones that were people's autobiographies. creative story telling. we got thinking what if we could make a system where it was more collaborative and what would the right format would that be? so did some experiments and kind of eventu yauually came up with idea of what would be a television show. >> reporter: finished a full season on currents tv. which wright says was a purchase fit. >> current was much more open to the idea because they were kind of -- generated content and they were also very tech-savvy. they understood how to build a website, build a community, stuff like that. >> for folks who haven't seen bar karma can you give sort a brief description what it is about. >> what the community came up with is this an idea of a bar.
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there was this place in time. and but we still had a core cast. we could build on top of that. >> reporter: with k range from the mystical to science fiction but always with a slight wink of the nod to the viewers, which wright says helps foster to the interactive nature of it. >> how would you compare this experience working with television with video games? any parallels there? any sort of crossover between the sims and bar karma? what's your experience here? >> there's a love crossover on the community building side. in fact what we brought do the table i think for this project is we understood how to build collaborative online communities. i think a lot of interesting stuff like the web is a connective tissue whether it is games, toys, television or movies. the web is where these are things that are starting to interbreed and parts of television are mixing with parts of games and et cetera. >> reporter: like bar karma itself, much of the tv web
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relationship remains on chartered territory, but wright remains undeterred. no matter what the outcome of bar karma in the future. >> we might take creative risks. sometimes they'll fail. other times it will succeed but i don't ever want to get in this mindset of become risk adverse because i think that's one the most intriguing things about this project to me and the kwhunt. >> reporter: will wright says is he is waiting to hear if current tv will renew bar karma for another season in the meantime time though i'm sure that he has some other cool projects up his sleeves. back to you. >> you cannot underestimate the market for this sort of thing. it's huge. >> i have never fraid or been a part of it so i don't know much about it. >> we do need to have a lot of free time to get into that. coming up, we've got papers. give a shout-out to all of those sort of -- moms who did not have a great mother's day. there you go. >> our virtual life. >> i look better in the virtual. >> i like that, yeah, let them
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>> announcer: "world news now" delivers your morning papers. all right, you weren't here yesterday. >> i was off yesterday so fill me in. >> i don't want to bore people so i will nake really quick. my husband failed miserablya o my very first mother's day and i feel like i may be scard. he did not bring breakfast in bed and in fact didn't get anything prepared and in fact it got so ugly. >> frontiard and in your slippers. >> it was really bad, ugly. it make me feel better that i was not the only one who had a terrible mother's day and this is a great story and i hope my husband is watching.
2:56 am
>> your first mother's day. >> 6-month-old twins. they just turned six months yesterday so it was a big deal but i am apparently not the only unsatisfied mom with mother's day. in fact, this is a very big issue for a very scandalous website. it's called ashley maddisson. people who are married but who would like to find other people who are married to cheat with. >> so aspiring cheaters. >> aspiring cheaters. >> okay. >> this is the clincher, listen to this, regular monday on ashley madison's website. 2,500 women sign pickup truck day after mother's day, last year, record-breaking 32,000 women signed up to ashley madison. they say this is because american mothers feel woefully underappreciated. they labor outside of the home all week long and then spend the rest of the time, their free time, caring for kids and ungrateful spouses. >> 32,000 people the stay after mother's day last year? >> it is the number one day for ashley madison to get their business, the day after mother's day, the second day to get their business the day after valentine's. >> is that the answer, you're so disappointed and fed-up, it's time for me to cheat.
2:57 am
>> if you did not take care of your lady at home who does so much for you, she'll make you pay. >> she'll find someone who will. >> yes and i'm figuring that out right now. >> a message to your man. >> i hope he's watching. >> come on, dude, get it together. roses, some jewelry, make it all good. >> leads to our next story. >> this is funny. apparently you're not alone in being slightly unsatisfied. >> i feel for all of the women out there. >> 32,000. anyway, this comes out of -- crazy kids in staten island. this is the quote. i was going to give her balloons and candy to take her to din ever, 20-year-old allen told "the post" yesterday. but i can't take her to dinner because the police are not releasing her. apparently she woke up and was not happy that he did not have a gift ready at 7:00 a.m. and hit him over the head with a pot. and told police, i hit him with the pot a i'm glad i did. a four-inch glash, lump in his
2:58 am
head and probably enlisted in domestic charges. >> that's not funny. you don't want to hurt anyone but i certainly understand the you don't want to hurt anyone but i certainly understand the anger. ♪ [male announcer] for america's wounded warriors, sometimes coming home can be a battle in itself. [crowd cheers] the uso provides every american a way y to support our wounded warsiors and their families. visit uso.or to learn how y you can make a difference in their lives. what? it's good to be back. the uso. until every one comes home.
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this morning on "world news now," raging river. the mighty mississippi floods and that means heartbreak for millions of people. >> memphisis has spared the absolute worst but emergency situation is far from over. it's tuesday, may 10th. >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm peggy bunker. people living near the river have had to pack up and move to higher ground saying good-bye to prized possessions while the army corps corps of engineers is now working nonstop to prevent a widespread disaster. >> millions of people keeping an
3:01 am
eye on the levels of that river. also in this half hour a bombshell announcement from arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver. california's former first couple just announced they are separating. >> that is a big bombshell. 25 years of marriage but there's been some scandal here and there so we will have the full details on that story. also later, blasting off in private rocket ships. is this the future of the american space program? many people say the space program's been a giant waste of money. other people say it's been very useful and now private space flight is all of the rage. >> very interesting to get involved in the shultz business after nasa kind of retires its fleet. we'll see. but before all of that, it looks like the historic music landmarks in the city of memphis have escaped damage this morning as the mighty mississippi is cresting. the city's levee system held back the river but not everyone in the memphis area has been so lucky. >> and the flood concerns are not just in memphis. look at the watches and warnings posted from moline to the north to new orleans to the south. it's an agonizing situation as
3:02 am
steve osunsami reports. >> reporter: in north haven, tennessee, the flood has forced four generations of charles's family to move into his home for shelter. it was supposed to be the safe place. >> we'll be on an island if it continues to rise, or we are basically on the island now. >> reporter: the river has surrounded the home. the police have told them to go but they won't. >> so we're stubborn. >> reporter: and they're hoping the water stops rising. >> it's 7:00. they said it was going to crest and i'm crossing my fingers and hoping they're right. >> reporter: his daughter heather, her husband and their 4-year-old daughter star moved in when the water at their home was just a trickle. >> just coming in. probably have about two foot of water here in the morning. >> reporter: the water there was up to the rooftops. they left behind a television, their furniture, and the stove because they wanted to make room for more important things. the white tiger, the pink piano, the big brown bear. >> my bear. >> you got your bear? >> uh-huh. >> you took the bear? >> uh-huh. >> so you got it out in time, huh?
3:03 am
>> yeah! right here and the pillow pet. >> reporter: star just had a birthday. she keeps asking why she can't go home. >> i just want her to be happy. i just don't want her to feel like i feel. >> reporter: brenda webb is star's great-grandmother and she's here too. >> i'm homeless now the first time in my life. >> reporter: her daughter angie said she saw her mother's flooded home on the news and can't bring herself to tell her mom that it's all gone. >> i didn't tell her. >> reporter: you're not going to tell her? >> probably not i don't know. it'll just upset her. >> reporter: living in campers along a highway. this is their home for the next several weeks. >> when you live on the river, you pull up to higher grounds. all i can about tell you because you would never know. bless your heart and i hope you don't. i hope you never understand that. >> reporter: steve osunsami, abc news, north haven, tennessee. and downstream in louisiana, they're now preparing for the rising waters. prisoners have been evacuated
3:04 am
from the state's toughest penitentiary. they're also opened up floodgates there to relieve pressure on levees outside of new orleans. governor bobby jindal has axvated hundred of national guard troops for emergency duty. he's telling people across the state to stay away from the levees. as threatening as the floodwaters are along the mississippi, memphis may actually be in better shape than louisiana and other areas to the south. that city prides itself in the strength of its levees but they've never been tested quite like this before. jim avila has the story. >> reporter: this is the biggest threat to the massive levee system protecting memphis. ground zero for the army corps of engineers. >> this is a sand boil. >> reporter: a sand boil, a fountain of bubbling water on the dry side of the levee. a danger sign that the mississippi is finding its way beneath the levee system. >> we think that this is probably one of the more significant threats to the levee. >> this is basically nothing. i mean it's not even a -- down
3:05 am
on the bottom. >> reporter: they're looking for four distinct threats to a levee and flood wall system. first, overtopping. that's lapping over the top. the army corps says that threat has passed, and in fact the river could rise another six feet before going over the flood wall. second, erosion of the levees. those dirt buerms remain strong and then the flood walls protecting downtown, they too appear to be holding. the fourth and final threat are those sand boils. even now eroding the levees from underground. >> we will wait until the water goes down a whole lot more and then we will celebrate success. >> reporter: the mississippi surge pass cairo, illinois. now the river is cresting in memphis. then it's expected to be at full height in vicksburg, mississippi, by wednesday morning. and crest in baton rouge on flrpds new orleans opened its floodgates saturating farmland but saving the city from high
3:06 am
water expected friday. >> if we didn't have the elements that were put in place '27 there today this would be a massive disaster that would wharf hurricane katrina. it would be easily the most enormous disaster in american history. >> reporter: those are the stakes. the levees so far holding and holding back the mississippi. jim avila. abc news, memphis. as the flood fears head south of memphis, now of course we will stay on top of this potential disaster. our coverage of the mississippi river floods will continue later on "america this morning" and look for more live reporting from diane sawyer later today on "good morning america." moving on now to developments this morning from pakistan. u.s. officials say that pakistan will allow them to interview the wives of osama bin laden. the three women were taken into custody when the al qaeda leader was killed. but so far bin laden's compound remains off-limits. john hendren has more. >> reporter: the night navy s.e.a.l.s secretly raided osama bin laden's compound and ended
3:07 am
his reign of terror, no one asked for permission. >> we also do not apologize for the action that we took. >> reporter: since then the obama administration has been politely requesting the right to return. this time with investigators. pakistan is now responding. equally unapologetically. no. >> we've had differences in the past. and overcome them and we think that we can overcome them now. >> reporter: now the administration hopes at least to get access to anything recovered from the compound and one more thing -- interviews with bin laden's three wives. >> we obviously are very interested in getting access to the three wives. >> reporter: those rebuffs and others come after president obama told cbs "60 minutes" he wants to know what pakistanis knew about bin laden's presence in their country and when. >> we don't know whether there might have been some people inside of government, people outside of government, and that's something that we have to investigate. >> reporter: pakistan's prime minister also vowed to investigate but he said across his nation, anger is raging over the clandestine u.s. assault on
3:08 am
pakistani soil. >> our people are rightly incensed on the issue of -- sovereignty. and ground assault. >> reporter: this weekend the pentagon released videos from the compound with pictures designed to shatter the bin laden myth. making him more mockery than martyr. the white house was conceal tory about pakistan's concern but spokesman jay carney ever since the campaign president obama has vowed, if he got a chance, he would take bin laden out and that's what he did. john hendren, abc news, washington. >> the story that everyone's going to be talking about today, former california governor arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver have announced they are separated. after 25 years of marriage. the "l.a. times" reports that shriver has moved out of their southern california mansion but they release a joint statement a few hours ago saying they are working on the future of their relationship. the couple says their decision separate follow a great deal of thought, reflection, discussion and prayer. the couple has four children,
3:09 am
ages 13 to 21. very interesting. >> i think that you're right that will be the big water-cooler story, many people didn't see that coming. been together a long time. >> 25 years. take a look at your tuesday forecast now. thunderstorms, 70-mile-an-hour winds and also large hail from fargo to minneapolis. also from cincinnati to columbia, south carolina. thunderstorms from southern oklahoma into north texas. and another foot of mountain snow in the northern rockies. >> 67 in boise. 78 in phoenix. hot in the nation's midsection. 90 in omaha. 88 kansas city. 80s from dallas to miami. and 72 here in new york. well, we talk a lot about our troops here and how much we think that they're heroes and honor them. well, take a look at this. when the going gets tough. >> this youtube video shows a soldier's personal remedy of home sicks. he's dancing to tom jones. ♪ and the moves are striking similar to everyone's favorite
3:10 am
carlton from the "fresh prince of bel air." >> isn't that crazy? >> real rockets zooming by in the background. >> talk about adapting there to your surroundings and you can'tist on soldier on the location but he says this is the thing that they do to fight boredom as they put their lives on the line. and none of us can really understand what it is like to be there in that situation unless you have done it and that's what helps them blow off some steam. >> whatever it takes, man. >> we know how tom jones used to get when he sang. >> really. >> we'll talk about it during the commercial break. >> yes we will. >> we'll be right back, everyone with more of "world news now."
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well, our next story, we could just chalk this up to youthful exuberance. a buffen young guy, members of a
3:15 am
swim freedom austria had some time to kill on sunday so they decided to go to a south florida beach, okay so far. >> una. well, they dug a big hole in the sand and one of them jumped into it and that's why where baron james of wlpg picks up want story. >> reporter: all of the digging they did in the sand started out with a day filled with fun in the sun. it only took minutes though for 19-year-old austrian swimmer to plunge into danger when joking around he jumped into a seven-foot-deep by six--foot-wide hole that he and his swim teammates dugout. using sand pales and their hands on pompano beach on early sunday. >> what went through your head. >> what do i have to do now and i was started breathing if my chest, they get enough oxygen. >> reporter: the sand instantly collapsed around him and over his head and before pompano fire and rescue came to the rescue, his buddies and swim coach jumped into action.
3:16 am
desperately clearing the sand at least from his face. >> hey said he was buried alive. >> yeah. >> it took them some time to bury and dig around his face so he could breathe. >> reporter: it would take nearly three hours as the team of 60 rescuers tried and tried again to pull him out of what amounted to quicksand squeezing and slowly sinking his body deeper into the huge hole. they gave him oxygen to keep him breathing. then, finally, they shored up the sandy sides with wood and saved a life. here's where it happened. you can see the hole's all filled in now, city crews were out here after the sunday rescue to put things safely back the way they were. how are you feeling, man? so with the night in the hospital behind him, jacob and his swim teammates packed up monday morning to fly home to austria. >> my goodness. that would not be a good way to go. that's a very scary situation. >> dude. >> one onlooker says they've seen shark attacks, jellyfish stings but nothing quite like that. >> i can't imagine. chill out on your town. get your work on your tan.
3:17 am
don't jump into the hole. >> that is terrifying. when we come back this morning, what could be the future of the american space program. >> how about rockets made by a private developer. this could take astronauts or even you into space. that's coming up next.
3:18 am
♪ a little elton john, i love it. very apropos for this story. >> nasa says it will attempt to launch the space shuttle "endeavo "endeavour" on its final mission on monday. after that, just one shuttle mission left. >> how about that? but man's space travel is not going away anytime soon. in fact, nasa is encouraging private companies to create the next generation of spacecraft. david schuktman of the bbc has more.
3:19 am
>> liftoff! >> liftoff. >> reporter: a promotional video selling flights into space. it's not from nasa but from a private company. one of a new breed of enterprises competing to reach orbit. and this one is the first to make it. >> now in orbit around the earth. >> reporter: a rare glimpse inside its factory in los angeles. a new generation is working on the rockets. average age, 28. and the atmosphere, well, it's pretty laid back. the film "iron man" was shot here. and its sci-fi hero was modeled on the boss here, wealthy from the internet firm paypal, he now believes space is good business. >> i think that we're really entering a new era of space travel that's very exciting. and one which is likely to evolve rapidly compared to the past. >> reporter: the a reason for this, america is retiring its
3:20 am
old space shuttles this summer and need to keep its astronauts flying so it is paying private companies to do the job. this animation shows how space ex plans do this. won't happen for real at least two years, but hardware is taking shape. >> now this is a prototype of the dragon capsule. the spacecraft which are designed to take astronauts up into orbit. it's quite a bit bigger than the "apoll "apollo" spacecraft that carried men to the moon. let me show you what it is like inside. it is meant to take three astronauts down below, another four up above, and they'll be the first people to be taken up into orbit, not by a government, but by a private company. it's the start of a new kind of space -- >> reporter: the capsule's being built here are meant to make space flight cheaper. 1/10 of the cost. which raises an obvious question? are you confident that you can safely deliver astronauts up
3:21 am
into orbit? >> absolutely. moreover, i'm confident that the system that we designed will actually be much safer than any system in the past and it really needs to be. i think we need to be at least 100 times safer than say the space shuttle. >> reporter: and this comes as space travel is attracting a lot of new players. richard branson is planning tourist flights, though not into orbit, others are developing versions of the shuttle. with nasa urging them on. >> human space flight is very difficult. it's one of the most difficult things that we've done, but it's something that we've been doing for 40 years and we feel now with the retirement of the shuttle, it's time to look to the next phase. allow the private sector to come in behind nasa. >> reporter: this capsule has been in orbit, a major achievement, but space travel is notoriously risky. the animations make things look easy. it is a new era, but it's very early days. david schuktman, bbc news, in los angeles. >> that's incredible.
3:22 am
i would die of fear on the launchpad. >> make two of us. >> would do you it. >> i'm not that brave or that curious. >> but you look so good in the space suit. >> look at that. >> that's just studly right there. do you ever want to get a date, just wear that. >> i picked that last halloween. that's as far as it goes. >> you have that outfit at home, right? you're gonsome .
3:23 am
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♪ ♪ that's adele. >> absolutely. thank you, guys. finally this half hour, question following last month's royal wedding. you may have heard a thing or two about the wedding. >> yes. >> who was the star of the show? the key question this morning. >> of course it should be the bride. we saw her get out of car and all of that, however, if
3:26 am
interested in the ladies' dresses, forget about kate. seems people cannot get enough from pippa as we hear from bianna golodryga. >> reporter: it was the wedding scene around the world. we even had designers re-create one on "gma." what do you think, robin? you saw the real thing. >> the detail, sharon. >> really. >> is spot on. >> reporter: but now a debate is raging. a sort sibling rivalry with kate's smashing sister pippa. who's dress was more of a knockout? pippa's hip-hugging cowl neck bridesmaid dress is stunning. and now labels plans to knock off kate's dress are scrambling to make replicas of hers too. pippa's may outsell the bride's. >> pippa, the way that she shimied up the aisle, she was incredibly eye-catching. i don't think expected to reach such a height. >> reporter: facebook is full of
3:27 am
pages to the debate. with comments like "the most beautiful dress of the whole ceremony." and "does anybody think will married the wrong middleton, because pippa the sister is stunning"? someone even thought that pippa look sod good from the back that they started a fan page for her, um, shall we say, posterior? that page has now more than 200,000 fans. one thing is for sure. pippa knows how to party. old photos of her dancing in a bra are all over the tabloids and her bridesmaid's dress much more formal than this little number made of toilet paper. she wore this at a dinner party. >> i just think she's probably raised eyebrows for all of the right reasons and having an absolutely to die for figure. if you didn't know who pippa middleton was, you certainly do know now. >> she's adorable. >> really fair to compared wedding dress to the bridesmaid? the wedding dress is a whole different category. >> but she's awfully cute and
3:28 am
she does have a facebook. when your butt has a phanf facebook page, you've made it. >> i think that she's the parent good of the two. >> i think that she's the parent good of the two. >> how do you compete with
3:29 am
[voice of alicia keys] over 1000 babies are born every day with hiv. and half will die before their second birthday. but the plain truth is this can l be prevented. we can reach thehe goal of no child born with hiv by 2015. go to one dot org. together we can stop the spread of hiv frorom moer to child.
3:30 am
we're not asking for your money we're asking for your voice. go to one dot org and join us today. this morning on "world news now," memphis mess. the mississippi overflows into the tennessee city putting higher neighborhoods under water. >> while damage could have been much worse, there are big worries downstream. it's tuesday, may 10th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm rob nelson. while the levees in memphis did their job, thankfully, down in louisiana, though preparations are already under way as the raging mississippi river now rushes toward them and toward the gulf. >> boy the pictures have been incredible.
3:31 am
also this half hour, pakistan agrees to a major u.s. demand. it's a big step forward as the u.s. tries to deepen its investigation into osama bin laden, his secret hideout, also al qaeda's intentions. >> growing tension between the two countries. maybe finally a big first concession. later in "the skinny," california's former first couple may be a couple no more. >> what? >> arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver saying about their separation and now officially just hours ago in how about that, 25 years, children between the two of them. >> i know. >> so one of those stories we'll definitely be talking about today. but first we want to update you on the mississippi river. appears to have spared most of memphis this morning. but farther downstream there are serious flooding concerns as the river flows towards the gulf. >> watches and warnings are posted all the way down to new orleans right now. larry jacobs reports on the big mess in memphis. >> reporter: residents of the home of the blues are singing the blues. memphis is under water. >> so the water will be with us five, seven times.
3:32 am
>> reporter: mississippi's already flooded so many streets, damaged so many homes and businesses and the worst is not over yet. the mighty river is expected to crest at or near 48 feet, just shiest record set almost 75 years ago. hundreds of residents forced to evacuate their homes leaving everything behind. or to camp out on higher ground along the highway. >> this is good to be bad this time but this is my home. >> reporter: the mississippi is cresting in memphis now. then in vicksburg, mississippi, by wednesday. and in baton rouge on thursday. downstream the army corps partially opened the bonnet carre spillway. to ease pressure on levees in new orleans and protect the crescent city from severe flooding. >> if we didn't have the elements that were not in place in '27 there today, this would be a massive disaster. >> reporter: so why is this happening? it's actually the result of a sequence of events. first, rivers in 31 states, more than half of the country, drain into the mississippi or its tributaries.
3:33 am
second, there was record snowfall this winter and finally, above normal amounts of rain. and for now all of those million people in eight states can do is watch the mighty river rise. larry jacobs, abc news. >> all eyes on the river again today. well, heartbroken farmers in missouri have gotten a first look at their land which is now under water. 130,000 acres were flooded last week when the army corps of engineers blew a hole in a nearby levee as a way of relieving pressure on the mississippi river. the intentional flood washed away the weed crop that was near harvest, invaluable top soil. later this half hour, more coverage from the flood zone with a look at the snakes and other wild creatures lurking in all of those floodwaters. and look for more updates today on "america this morning" and also on "good morning america." >> oh, boy, looking forward to that. now to our other big story this morning. american officials say that pakistan has agreed to allow them to interview osama bin laden's wives.
3:34 am
it's the first sign of cooperation between the two countries since the raid on osama bin laden soured the relationship. jim sciutto reports now from islamabad. >> reporter: the latest powerful >> reporter: a treasure trove of intelligence, the latest powerful images reducing the feared al qaeda leader to an aging man watching himself on television. but the operation is also ignited a growing feud between pakistan and the u.s. seeing it is as a gross violation, now they're firing back, refusing a long list of american demands. access to bin laden's compound for another search, request denied. suspected of sheltering bin laden, again, request denied. there are divisions inside of the pakistani government. over what concessions, if any, to make to the u.s. some officials here expressing worry the relationship could be irreparably damage. that damage was evident when president obama publicly questioned whether elements inside the pakistani government helped protect bin laden. >> we think that there had to be
3:35 am
some sort of support network for bin laden inside of pakistan. >> reporter: the pakistanis appear to out the cia station chief here for the second time in six months. these tensions are ominous especially for an ally the u.s. has giving more than $20 billion in aid since 9/11. pakistan is home to dangerous extremist groups. provides key help to the war in afghanistan. and has a large nuclear arsenal. >> if untethered i think it very easily could fall into position as being the most dangerous nation in the entire world. >> reporter: bin laden may be gone, but in his wake, a growing divide with an essential u.s. ally. jim sciutto, abc news, islamabad. libyan rebels are deadlocked in their battle to oust dictator moammar gadhafi. earlier this morning, nato, though, came to the raid launching at least five air strikes on the capital tripoli, where gadhafi of course remains in control. at least one government building appears to have been hit. so far, though, there are no
3:36 am
reports of any injuries. jury selection continues this morning in the murder trial of casey anthony. the orlando mom charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter. the trial will take place in orlando. and because of the intense media coverage, potential jurors are now coming from two hours away in clearwater. more now from ashleigh banfield. >> the media frenzy surrounding this case has been unrelenting. . >> why didn't mommy call the police. >> mind blowing details in the casey anthony murder case. >> it's been almost three years since a little girl named caylee anthony disappeared in florida. and her mother casey anthony became a laser focus of a police investigation. >> what we need to do is receive information from casey and nothing but truth. >> reporter: the child had been missing for a month before the pretty young mother told anyone and when she did, it was her mother who called 911. >> i found my daughter's car today. and it smells like a dead body in her car. >> reporter: despite misleading investigators about her job, casey insisted that she was searching for caylee after dropping her off with a
3:37 am
baby-sitter who then vanished but these photos show that casey continued to attend wild parties while her little girl was missing. >> it's going to be very tough to explain why she was doing and saying the things that she was in the days and weeks after her daughter disappeared or went missing. >> reporter: caylee's body was found just blocks from the anthony home. casey, who'd been charged with murder, would now face the death penalty. her jailhouse visits from family became tabloid fodder for what was missing, grief. >> how are you? [ laughter ] >> reporter: sitting front row in court will be george and cindy anthony. who were at once parents of the accused and grandparentses of the victim. picking this jury will be difficult as well, because every single one has to swear under oath that they are open to the death penalty. not only that they have to agree to be sequestered for the length
3:38 am
of the trial which is expected to be upwards of two months. ashleigh banfield, abc news, orlando, florida. >> this is sure to be a big media circus surrounding that trial. very tough, too. a lot of people think this story is really hard to watch. >> it is disturbing. they say coverage could reach the level of the o.j. simpson trial. how big this thing is getting but we'll see. here is a look now at your tuesday forecast, everybody. some more heavy mountain snow for montana, idaho, wyoming and utah. severe weather with a chance of isolated tornados from fargo to minneapolis. meanwhile, it'll be stormy from cincinnati to lexington and columbia, south carolina. and windy with showers in northern new england. >> 61 degrees in boston. 75 in baltimore. and 90 in atlanta. 90 also in omaha. near 80 in chicago. and 83 in indianapolis. 60s in the pacific northwest. and 70s continue from sacramento to albuquerque. this is a story that i say, myself, this is exactly what i would have done. of course as the bear witness but one reporter from indianapolis had to take some action. he came to the aid of a frantic mother duck and her 11 crying ducklings who were trapped
3:39 am
inside of a storm drain. >> where you have to take your hat off to, even the duck moms, it's amazing. this guy pulled off his sleeves. pulled off the great climb down into the drain. ten of the ducklings were happy to be rescued but that 11th one in no hurry. the whole family was united. and in their thanks, they waddled away. see you later. check out that little one. ah! isn't that so sweet? you see the world is right again. even you like the ducklings. >> happy ending i can live with. good for those ducks. more "world news now" coming up after the break. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
3:40 am
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well, there's really no other way to say this. you are about to meet a truly extraordinary individual. >> he's a man who after unspeakable amount of suffering, he says he's basically been reborn. >> juju chang has this report and we must warn you it does contain some pretty graphic images. >> reporter: dallas wiens here at just 23 is a loving father to his only daughter, scarlet. 2 1/2 years ago a horrible electrical accident left dallas blind and literally faceless. all that remained was scar tissue and some of his chin. in march, a team of 30 doctors and nurses performed an elaborate life-changing procedure. transplanting the entire face of an anonymous donor including muscles, nerves and a piece of nasal bone. the historic surgery took 17 hours.
3:44 am
>> it's so profound to see someone who had no face and suddenly there's this new person. >> reporter: dallas and his doctors gave "gma" an exclusive look at the first full face transplant in the u.s., but he's not interested in the history books. for dallas, there was only one motivation. >> i could have lived like i was -- >> you could have lived without a face? >> yeah, if i did not have my daughter. >> reporter: in the days after surgery, the little things we all take for granted are huge milestones. blowing his nose, his first sneeze in two years. what was the first smell you smelled after surgery? >> i woke up and in the hospital, it was lasagna that evening. and that was the first thing that i could smell. >> reporter: as time goes on, his speech will get better, but he's still blind.
3:45 am
a life-shattering prospect for most but not dallas. >> i would not change a thing. >> reporter: you wouldn't go back and take it back? >> no. >> reporter: why? >> too many good things have happened from it. lives closer now. i'm a much way better person now. i'm a better father. >> reporter: how do you feel now? you're about to be reunited for the first time with your new face. what's going through your mind? >> i just want to hold her. it's been so long. >> daddy! >> i missed you so much. >> daddy. >> reporter: a father/daughter reunion tinged with undying gratitude for the man whose face he now bears. and the donor's family, what would you say to them? >> it gave my daughter a new life.
3:46 am
>> reporter: juju chang, abc news, boston. >> that's great see him with his daughter. >> absolutely, good reunion. >> interesting fact, too. he was now down the hall from the guy who the first ever -- or the second ever face transplant so you can imagine the bonding, those two men. >> a lot to talk about, that's for sure. >> well, we'll be right back with "the skinny." a lot to scoop to fill you in on today. don't miss it.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny and now time for "the skinny," and boy do we have a big story to lead off the "the skinny" on this tuesday morning. we're talking about the former governor of california, arnold schwarzenegger, maria shriver, they announced that they are separating. >> 25 years of marriage over. >> yes, four children between the two of them. you might remember back in 2003 when there was a hot political race going on between schwarzenegger and governor gray davis. they reported that there was some groping incidents. apparently that got cleared up. but also been speculation stories here and there. some not such great sources. but still, speculation.
3:49 am
and also maria lost her father, sargent shriver. many, many causes that she's been busy with. sources close to the couple say that they've been listen separate lives. >> she moved out of the mansion. how this whole thing broke out, "the new york times" broke in the story in the last few hours. >> catchphrase we would like you to respect our privacy at that time, which of course nobody will. >> of course not. four children, 14 to 21, a whole family here. after that many years couples break up, after 25 years, you've got used to each other, such a history there, but if you're not happy you have to roll on. >> leave the toothpaste off, that sort of thing. >> it's so crazy but a lot of media surrounding all of that. >> a big story today, that's for sure. sad story here and i'm sorry to report this. i don't think necessarily surprised. but guess who is back in rehab after saying her comeback album, she was clean and sober again, whitney houston is back in rehab.
3:50 am
her folks released a statement. when you think back to her career though, she was still one the most successful pop female artists -- or artists, period, of all-time. she had one of those angelic voices. so many hits and albums. she's 47 years old now and she's back in treatment to support her longstanding recovery process. you may remember that famous interview with diane sawyer i think back in 2004. crack is cheap. i make too much money to ever smoke crack, get this straight i don't do crack, crack is whack. >> crack is whack, kind of the famous saying. hopefully people will remember her for her incredible, incredible voice. not for the in fact that she's gone to rehab, but people who have drug addictions say it takes several stints in rehab to really get back on your feet. >> she had a comeback album in 2009, went on tour in 2010. the tour is beset with the problems and here we are. good luck, whitney. >> nene, we all know her. "celebrity apprentice" and of course "real housewives of
3:51 am
atlanta." a whole ball of wax. star jones, also had a major tet -- a big smackdown. has been booted off of the show by the donald. she slams the whole donald trump show. take a listen. >> if you quit it's going to follow you for the rest of your life. >> you accommodated star. you have seven talents that are still left there. you can't just accommodate her. that's not fair. >> look, star, we have nene. you couldn't get along with nene. we have meat loaf who i think everyone gets along with. what's wrong you. >> i love meat loaf. he looks pretty good. >> delicious. >> yeah i would like a turkey meat loaf but anyway has been booted off but "celebrity apprentice" a hot mess. star and nene hated each other. >> she's turned into a real -- this is very important. >> many stars at kentucky deshy this weekend. athletes, super models. one of those rock stars was our senior producer. she was down there. from the churchill downs down there in kentucky, but she had a little celebrity run-in herself. she was vicky from orange
3:52 am
county, of "real housewives" and apparently complaining her feet hurt the whole time and she had security down there pushing people away so it's hard to run away from your two fans. >> yes, she wore the apropos hat. she looked very stylish. i have to go there one day, i'm very envious. >> like to party. >> they like to have the julep. . it feels good on my sensitive skin. i don't feel like i'm shaving. [ male announcer ] fusion proglide is engineered with gillette's thinnest blades ever... it feels like it's doing the work for me. [ male announcer ] it glides for less tug and pull. it was smooth! this was fantastic. i'm having way too much fun with this razor. [ male announcer ] turn shaving into gliding with fusion proglide. i'm a believer. he is a believer! yeah! [ male announcer ] gillette fusion proglide.
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here's some stories to watch on abc news today. newt gingrich is the latest republican to join the presidential race. a formal announcement is expected later this week after he first announced his decision on social networking websites. federal investigators begin hearings today on bus and truck drivers following some serious recent accidents. regulators may call for more oversight and training in licensing. and executives for mobile phone companies will be on capitol hill testifying about privacy concerns. this before members of the senate. now we return to the flood zone in memphis. the floodwaters there are only part of the problem.
3:56 am
she that's right and lurking in those flood waters only causing plenty of concern. diane sawyer got a firsthand look. >> reporter: a vat of water moccasins known as cottonmouths. venomous and aggressive when they get agitated and when they're upset and open their mouths, they're the white lining that's where the word cottonmouth comes from. >> they can cause a fairly serious bite but there is an enormous amount of tissue damage. >> reporter: riding along with director bob nations of selby county preparedness, i ask him about all of the treacherous and fleeing animals. have you seen alligator? >> there was a report of two over on the mississippi banks yesterday. water moccasins were getting a lot of reports on the snakes. >> reporter: that's the big problem, in a way, isn't it, because they're going to be in people's homes even when they go back. and it's not only the snakes. >> you are going to have spiders. >> reporter: rats. >> snakes, rats. >> reporter: fire ants.
3:57 am
>> fire ants. >> reporter: they float, they float in big pods on top of this water. >> that's right. >> reporter: and spend enough time and you're bound to see some the herds of deer looking for high and dry ground. and on our way out of the water, we talked to the policemen who seemed to be mysteriously motoring back and forth all around me when i was in. >> we did the circle over there while you were out there talking, we were pushing the snakes that way. >> reporter: you pushed the snakes away for me? >> yeah. >> reporter: this is one hell of a police force. and wildlife groups around tennessee have been fielding dozens of calls from residents reporting those snakes and deer. issuing a special alert warning residents to be especially wary that snakes may be seeking shelter in your home. for the residents, something more to worry about, not just the water they can see but what lies beneath. >> ooh! >> that is a frightening story. >> the fire ants, the leeches, the snakes. >> all of that the snakes.
3:58 am
so it's not just the water damage and the flood, the devastation of this is all of those ripple effect things. say a prayer for all of those folks along the mississippi. >> and seeing diane to get in that water. i would have ♪ welcome home! you' served your country. d now that you've e completed your service... you've gotot lots of opportunits for your future. but healthth comes first. sign up for healthcare at your nearest va. or are you thinking about a job or school? ththe g.i. bill can help pay for college and va's job assistance can preparare you for a caree. want tbuy a house? see if you qualify for a zero-down vava home loan 's your va take advantatage of your benefi. [ male announcer ] find o more at
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